The short answer is “yes you can.”  I have run into so many people who are hesitant to use our service of teaching and editing.  I completely understand their hesitation to wanting to shoot their own wedding video by enlisting their guests. However, video is so fluid and organic that with the right tips and instruction, nearly anyone can do it with stunning results.

Sometimes Non-Professional Video is Better

I put several of my own videos up on YouTube.  My best performing one in terms of view count is about 12,000 views. But when I changed business models to offer editing and instruction rather than pro shooting, I set out to find the best example of a non-professional wedding video that was also moving and inspirational.  I think that with over 225,000+ views I may have found the perfect example of a non-pro filming a wedding.

This wedding was filmed by the couple’s dog.  Watch it and be amazed! Then, contact us to have us edit your “guest-filmed” wedding.