Wedding Videography. You Shoot. We Edit.


Videography by Your Wedding Guests. Editing by Professionals.

Wedding videography is one of the first budget items to be cut when the funds run tight. We get that. But the sights and sounds of your wedding are still very important.
We think we’ve found a solution.


Select Your Package

Simply choose whether you want the Highlights + Raw or the Ceremony, Highlights + Raw

Choose your video people

We recommend you choose three or four designated people to do parts of the day.  They will get assignments and instructions from us telling them what and how to film.

Give the "videographers" Instructions

We will give them tips and instructions in our video guide on how and what to film on your big day.


Upload Footage

We share a link with you to upload the video files (and audio file for ceremony package).  Then, we professionally edit the footage together to make a great wedding video.

Wedding Video Demos


Highlights + Raw $349

  • 3-4 Minute Highlight video
  • Selfie-Stick and Extender (yours to keep)
  • Digital download of completed video
  • Raw footage is yours to keep
  • Edited Highlight Video Set To Music
  • Have your photographer send us some photos and we’ll add those in too!
  • Full Set of “How To” instructions to share with your “videographers”

Ceremony, Highlights, + Raw $479

  • Lapel Microphone and Recorder for the Groom (yours to keep)
  • Selfie-Stick and Extender (yours to keep)
  • Fully edited ceremony video
  • Fully edited 3-4 minute highlight video
  • Raw footage is yours to keep
  • Edited Highlight Video Set To Music
  • Have your photographer send us some photos and we’ll add those in too!
  • Full Set of “How To” instructions to share with your “videographers”

Nothing is better than great audio in a wedding video. This pack upgrades the microphones and provides a lapel recording device for the groom to get your vows loud & clear.

We Have Edited So Many Weddings!

With over a decade of wedding videography experience, we certainly know what we’re doing when it comes to editing beautiful wedding videos.

Wedding Video from Monterrey, CA

But what if we shoot it rather than you?

That is a very valid question. Professionals would be able to capture some shots that you could never hope to get from guests with cameras, but pros charge 4-10 times the price too.  Compare $2,500 to $500.  Price can play a HUGE factor in deciding for or against wedding videography.  the problem is that when the budget doesn’t allow it, many couples simply opt out of video all together.  We think we’ve come up with a great solution.

You have to ask yourself if those additional “epic” shots are worth the additional $2,000?  If so, then we would encourage you to seek one of the pros in your area.

Our service is for those who simply don’t have the budget for a big-time video, but still want to enjoy the sights and sounds of their wedding.

There’s something organic and magical when your guests capture your video.

There are some severe limitations on pros capturing video.

  • Pros are typically asked to stay in the back during the ceremony.  Thus, we hardly EVER get the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle.  A guest filming can plant himself on a seat in the aisle and get that shot that we normally miss.
  • Pros have a “job to do” – Something that is lost in many pro videos is the personal flavor that was happening. What a pro”sees” is different from what a guest might notice. For example, a pro may be filming the first dance while a guest may see a grandmother tearing up during the dance.  A pro might miss the emotion from that moment because they’re concentrating on the task at hand.
  • Pros have to charge a lot – Pros bring a lot of equipment to each and every wedding when they’re filming. Pros have to bring huge amounts of gear, because the expectation is very high that they capture it perfectly. With guests recording, the capture won’t be perfect, but the memories are still just as priceless.  We want to save you money so that you can have the memories rather than cutting them all-together.
  • Guests can get away with more – Wedding videographers constantly need to make sure that all of the other vendors happy. From staying out of the way of photographers to making sure the venue coordinator is happy, wedding videographers kind of get last place when getting the angles and shots they need to capture. Many feel that a pro’s large cameras are more of an eyesore. A guest with a small, handheld camera can get away with being in places that pros simply can’t be. It helps capture angles which were not available to pros.